Important Notification: Quantum PC Support has not hired anyone to place outbound calls to its customers and we are not placing any outbound calls to any of our customers unless our customers ask for support. Please hang up the call immediately if you receive calls from scam caller's claiming that they are calling from Quantum PC Support. Do not give access of your computer or do not share any details about you or your subscription with anyone whatsoever.Please hang up as soon as you hear that the call is from Quantum PC Support. For any questions or clarification email to
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Customer Reviews

Testimonials   Sirs, It is a couple of days ago when I first received a telephone call from a gentleman at your premises with a "Cold Call" explaining that my Windows Program could have already been infected and I had already had a few occasions where windows had had to shut down because of a fault so I allowed yourselves to guide me through checking my windows program. Ultimately this showed there was 89 faults of which I had no knowledge. Your technicians then cleared all this up and I took out the contract for three years with you. The following day I spent some time trying to contact windows and was given umpteen options on the telephone some of which I could not hear others I had no idea what they were talking about and so I telephoned yourselves and again today and thankfully your engineer pointed out the anomaly I was mixing outlook express with MS Outlook, and agreed it should be MS Outlook on recommendation and your engineer has set this up for me even with an Icon on the desktop to enter the program quickly. My sincere thanks for the first telephone call and all the assistance I have now been given by your engineers and I will certainly pass on your details to anybody I feel would benefit from your service.
Jim O'Flaherty

Alisha was very helpful on getting my computer cleaned out. I am looking forward to use my computer now. I am glad for this help because I don't have time to take my computer away to get fixed. Thanks again for all your help.

Thank you Victor, all fixed up and many thanks again. Good job.
Evelyn Camilleri

Many thanks for the prompt and efficient service that you have given me many thanks.
Brian Pearce, UK

Hello, I would like to say how satisfied I am with the help and support I have just received from your technician Andy Carlos, I only yesterday took out a years subscription and already needed some assistance and these lovely people were there for me , I am very satisfied with the performance of my computer, and the friendliness of you guys many thank you.
Sandra Baldwin, UK

Hello, I just want to say a big thank you for the help and re-assurance I have just had from Jason, he has a lovely manner and is a gentleman, I hope to speak to him again one day!
Sandra Baldwin, UK

Thank you the system is very fast and all is good at the moment.
June, Australia, Victoria

Simple, easy and reliable technical support services.
Bill Morgan, Los Angeles, California

Very friendly technical support people. They handled my issue with utmost care and patience.
Carol Smith, London, UK

Affordable and reliable technical support service. One click away. I would certainly recommended to my friend and family.
Robert Taylor, Sydney, Australia

"My computer was running slow. After my session with Quantum PC Support it was like a new computer. Thanks for all your help."
Michael Armstrong, San Jose, California

"I accidentally infected my PC with a virus. Quantum PC Support cleaned my machine and gave me free virus protection software. It was cheap and fast."
Janet Riley, Charlotte, North Carolina

" Quantum PC Support improved the performance of my PC in the most professional manner. It is a tremendous value."
Charles Miller, London, United Kingdom

"I have used Quantum PC Support twice and would recommend this service to anyone who wants to improve the speed of their computer without upgrading to a new PC."
Darren Sharpe, Sydney, Australia

"I couldn't believe how much stuff was accumulating on my computer. After my session with Quantum PC Support it was much faster"
John Baxter -Birmingham, United Kingdom

"I am not very technical, but the professional staff at Quantum PC Support really took the time to explain what was going on and they quickly fixed my PC."
Dave Wright, Toronto, Canada

"I was having trouble configuring my email and Frank from Quantum PC Support had it working in no time. Thanks Frank!"
Stan Blackburn, Coventry, United Kingdom