The advantages and disadvantages of antivirus

Antivirus is very useful in preventing, controlling and detecting the malware, virus and many more potentially hazardous computer programs  which can damage the computer components. There are many types of strategies used in creating antivirus programs. The signature based antivirus programs use the methodologies such as searching some of the well known patterns of computer data which lies in the executable computer programs.

There are still many types of viruses which are not known to the antivirus programs and they keep on increasing day by day and the antivirus software needs to be updated periodically to counter such threats. The antivirus programs are effective against the virus programs whose signature is known and to do this, the antivirus needs to be updated as soon as a new update is available from the software vendor.


Apart from being very useful to clean the dangerous viruses, antivirus software has some limitations or drawbacks also as some times they can impair the performance of the computer system. And the inexperienced users can have problems with the antivirus software such as inabilities to understand the prompts and threats the software presents to the from time to time and the success of the antivirus is dependent on the ability of the user in getting the right kind of balance between the negatives and the positives.

There are three major types of detection types which are commonly used in identifying the potential threats to the system. These are signature based, heuristic based and file emulation method of detection. Here the most common detection type is the signature based detection which identifies the various types of viruses by comparing the content of the infected files.

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