How to get rid of Bloatware

Bloatware is basically software that consumes lot of space as well as RAM to run and install.  Since the disk and RAM has reduced there has been an increase in the developers as far as ignoring size of applications is concerned and the output is bloated software.  This is also known as crapware as it consumes lot of resources. Do get rid of this from the new PC so that it can be used to the full potential.

Even the manufacturers do install some bloatware on new PC s as they are paid for it. As the profit margins are low, providing PCs with junk installed gives manufacturers some more money. On a lighter note, it would give you a cheaper PC.

It uses up the system’s storage. It loads at the startup, increases PC boot time, cluttering system, desktop with several application and context menus and misusing RAM. Many such software are terrible. You would find several antivirus programs which try to scare by informing you that the PC is in danger, would show ad filled games that you do not want to play and trial programs which give you a single hour prior to becoming useless.  However not every program is worthless. The tools which should not be deleted are the ones which are needed for hardware.

Windows bloatware is confined to the desktop. It loads at the startup and fills system tray. This appears in the form of preinstalled Windows store apps. The ones that come in the form of metro apps are useless though better than that on desktop. These types would not be able to run in the background and slow the system.

You can get rid of this from new systems which have reset and refresh options. These restore OS to a fresh condition. You can easily reinstall Windows this way.  However these options would not remove this application. The system would restore all junk.  As a user you can create own custom recovery images. As you get new one just get rid of this and create custom refresh image.

There are several utilities which would help you fight this. You can also remove as you do with any other application. Open Control Panel and check the programs which have been installed. You uninstall the ones which you do not require. This should be done soon after you get a new system.

Check the programs running in the background from the system tray. It would also aid in you searching for useless programs. If it is uninstalled it has no chances to come back.  If you are doubtful just conduct a Google search. You would also get removal guides.

Several technical experts perform a clean Windows install on new PCs. Instead of getting rid of that particular program just start from step one. This is a good technique but is time consuming.  You just require a Windows disc. Insert installation media in to the system as well as reboot.

Manufacturers these days do not include any installation media with computers. Even if they do it is that bloatware. So you can download this media. After installation of Windows you can use the same product key which came with the machine. There are several systems which come with product keys in it and the key should be automatically entered when you are installing Windows 8. Whenever you get a new PC installed do reinstall Windows immediately.

The other job is installing hardware drivers. Windows would do this automatically but not everything would be installed. By visiting hardware manufacturer’s site, you can download apt drivers.


Video Chat Online

Video chat has been there for several years. It can now be done from almost anywhere, credit going to smartphones which has data connections. Tablets, Laptops and smartphones have in-built front facing cameras making video chat within everybody’s reach.

Skype is also a great option for video chatting. Skype is available for Mac, Windows, Linux PCs, Android tablets and phones, iPads, iPhones and other devices. Launch Skype, create user account as well as add the friend to contact list. Install Skype, create a user account and add a friend to your contacts list. To initiate a video chat, click Video Call button. The process is the same as far as using Skype app on smartphones and tablets are concerned.

Facebook offers Video Calling feature which allows you to initiate video chats with Facebook friends. This is provided by Skype but limited to Facebook friends.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts has been included on tablets and Android phones making it accessible to many people. Those users who have a free Google account can make use of hangouts through web browser on Mac, Windows, Linux or Chrome OS. Google offers iPad and iPhone apps. Hangout has become very popular.

Hangouts can be accessed from Google + or Gmail from the web.  A video chat can be executed with ten people at a time for free on Hangouts. However if it is more than two people then pay a premium subscription in Skype. This is an incentive where you can call any number in Canada or US for free within Gmail. You can execute landline calls but would have to pay Premium.

Visit the Google Hangouts page or enable Hangouts in Gmail to get started. Click the video call icon while chatting with someone to initiate a video call.

Apple FaceTime

FaceTime is available on iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and Macs. If you and the person you want to talk to have Apple hardware, then it is integrated and easy to use. It is not the ideal service for communicating with everyone, as not all use Apple hardware every time.

You can open FaceTime app that is included with iOS or Mac device, select the person you want to call and initiate a video call. An error appears.

You can surely install the open source ekiga tool as well a use SIP to start video chat. You would surely have to make your friends use new service.  User base has increased with services like Hangouts, Skype and FaceTime. Skype is popular among the less tech savvy users. However there are several users of Android phones, Google talk and other apple devices.


Guide to buy New PC for Windows XP Users

Microsoft has bid farewell to Windows XP indicating that there would be no more security updates. There are PC users who would upgrade OS to the latest. There are others who are planning to do a total shift by buying a new system.

Below given few things to be considered in case you are planning to buy a new PC:

It is fun to upgrade PC components. However in modern PCs this has become difficult to do. Laptop looks physically attractive but if you want to upgrade RAM or even change a wrecked keyboard, or replace battery then check whether the laptop is not irritating.

If it is important to upgrade, then take time to check the underside of laptop to see what you are getting into. Business grade, laptop offers access quickly. These ultra books do not allow you to swap battery. In case of desktops there would not be much issue but do check that there are screw heads. All-in-one PCs have minimal upgrades available.

If you plan to use Windows 8.1 does it on touch screen system as this OS is the best in managing files, very responsive and immediate boot times. However there is lot more to this as it has touch based user interface. You can check various types of laptops and standard touch monitors.  Prices of touch screen laptops have increased but now again it is available at an affordable price. You can also try using a finger friendly display.

In case user needs a tablet instead of a PC then they would be unhappy with Windows RT device. Touch was the change offered from Microsoft but a new Windows version for ARM processors was issued the first time. ARM version looks like regular Windows but lack of backward compatibility is lacking. To be simple, one does not download as well as install classic desktop apps in Windows RT. From Windows store you can run full screen metro apps.

If you love using XP then you would surely not like to use a device which operates solely in modern UI. SSDs are costly and add responsiveness to PC. These days you get with PC two storage devices: hard disk drives as well as solid state storage drives. If you want a lot of storage space then you would get to see a PC which has hard disk drive.

Using an SSD is the most noticeable upgrade that is done with a PC which can speed up everything ranging from boot times to application loading to file transfers speeds. SSDs have more storage than an HDD but expensive.

Windows 7 PCs are still available. You would be confronted normally with two choices that are between Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

For XP users Windows 7 is more useful but might turn out to be expensive at this juncture as they are not that common now and found normally in corporate sectors. If you feel that comfort is important then opt for Windows 7.


Do you know the Features of Firefox 29

Mozilla has updated Firefox Beta channel to 29th edition for Mac, Windows, Android and Linux. Its sync has been given a face-lift and is powered by the Firefox Accounts. There is the new customization mode and user interface has undergone changes.You can try new Sync by creating a new account. The four platforms are compatible with it. This makes it easier to set up files as well as add multiple devices.

This was announced last month. Firefox Accounts is also part of the Firefox OS as well allows users to  keep track of login credentials for history, bookmarks and any open tabs. Firefox Sync the service that actually lets you take the bookmarks, personal information, tabs to another device which is more safe.  Mozilla focusses on three major things:

  • A technique is used which actually protects against the third person even when SSL credentials are tampered with.
  • Even if the servers are meddled with then it is difficult to access the data of the user.
  • There is a separation between authorization, authentication, data storage as it would reduce the number of servers which handle authentication thereby reducing attacks.

Changes have been made in desktop mode too. New customization mode has been introduced. Click newly added Menu button and select Customize. Therefater manually drag as well as drop features, tools, add-ons anywhere in the browser. A new menu is an addition whch includes features, browser controls and add-ons in one place. There are similar tools like print, copy/paste, save, full page and so on. There is also a permanent section meant for Firefox add-ons. This the place where you can find all after completion of download.

All the above mentioned customization is done in a skillfuly designed browser interface. Firefox is now focussing on content which can be attributed to latest tab structure. Tabs are on the top side of the browser  and the ones which are not used have not been visually focussed.  Bookmark manager is now beside the bookmark star in the Firefox toolbar for one-click saving.

The other fangle features are :

  • interactive onboarding tour which would guide users through the new changes.
  • Gamepad API has been finalized and enabled.
  • This release has a lot for the developers.

New customization and android has no infleunce on Android version of Firefox. The Sync tool does have impact. Other than this there are enhacements in Bing, new share buttons and new languages have been added.  Firefox beta for Android has incorporated the following changes:

  • Search suggestions are now available in Bing search engine.
  • Firefox Sync can be set up by creating Firefox account.
  • Multiple share buttons have been added.
  • The performance has been improved as the progress bar has replaced the throbber.

Mozilla would be releasing Firefox 29 for Linux, Mac and Android in the mid of April.